Absorbing 1.8 gigatonnes of CO2 per year

Our Mission

At 1point8 we develop technologies that have the potential to absorb  CO2 on a gigatonne scale and produce carbon negative energy.

The world needs negative CO2 emissions

According to the IPCC, five to ten gigatonnes of carbon negative emissions are needed by 2050 to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. For current technologies it is unfeasible to absorb atmospheric CO2 at gigatonne scale because they either require huge land areas, electric energy or infrastructure.

Source: IPCC Special Report on Global Warming

A scalable solution for CO2 removal

1point8 aims to absorb 1.8 gigatonnes of CO2 per year from the atmosphere by cultivating macroalgae offshore. The macroalgae is used as feedstock to produce biogas containing highly concentrated CO2 and biomethane. The biomethane is used to produce electricity and the CO2 stream is injected into underground mineral rock formations. There, the CO2 reacts with the rock layers and is stored for several thousand years.

CO2 negative electricity

By electrification of the biomethane we can use the energy that is stored in the macroalgae. This exceeds the energy that is needed for the CO2 absorption and storage. The excess energy is fed into the grid as CO2 negative electricity.

Providing the Caribbean with energy

Most of the Caribbean islands are currently heavily dependent on imported fossil fuels. Conventional biogas production on these islands is limited, as they do not have enough land to cultivate the required feedstock. Using macroalgae which grows on the ocean, we can provide the Caribbean with carbon negative energy that can be accessed on demand.

The Team

Joachim Sturm

Co-founder and CTO

Sofía Ramírez

Co-founder and CEO

Tim Simon Klose

Co-founder and COO

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